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VHDPlus IDE Changelog

  • Fix serial monitor not changing baud rate without refresh (Linux only)

  • Fix missing library on some distros

  • Improve readability for terminal in lightmode (darker colors)
  • Fix VHDL formatting for "else generate"
  • Create arduino project automatically when selecting WiFi extension

  • Fix invisible simulator byteblocks

  • Improved hover information for VHDP
  • Fixed an issue where generated VHDL files were used like normal project files
  • Fixed issues with CLRF line endings
  • Minor style fixes

  • Fixed some issues with auto indent for VHDL
  • Minor style changes
  • Small performance improvements

VHDP Analyzer

  • Fixed a possible crash for huge files
  • Improved Segment Check
  • Added Subtype


  • New, cleaned up and futureproof .vhdpproj format.
  • Fixed failing Arrow USB Driver installation on some Linux distros
  • Fixed a bug where the Team Explorer failed to produce a comparison
  • Reduced Package Manager lag while extracting packages
  • Drastically improved editor initialization time
  • Improved editor performance
  • Fixed Quartus Project import (Linux only hotfix)

  • Added a workaround for some Linux distros having trouble loading system fonts.

  • Added built-in changelog
  • Improved completion speed