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Get Started with VHDP

Software Setup

Use the benefits of code suggestions and vendor-independent libraries by using VHDPlus IDE, the easiest way to program your FPGA.

New IDE for Professional Electronics Development

If you want to work on FPGA projects in a team or work on Edge-AI, you can check out ONE WARE Studio!

Install VHDPlus IDE

  1. Download device support¹ for your hardware:
Core Max10, Core Max10 Ultra, MAX1000, ...MAX 10 device support
CYC1000, ...Cyclone 10 device support
CYC5000, ...Cyclone 5 device support
  1. Download and install Quartus Prime Lite for Windows²
  2. Download and install VHDPlus IDE:

¹Device support:
The device support required from quartus to compile for your hardware. Select the device family depending on your development board.

²Quartus Prime:
Quartus Prime is necessary for compiling your code and programming your FPGA.


You need to install the drivers according to your programmer at hand in order to program your FPGA. Our Core features an ARROW USB Programmer because of its additional USB to UART interface.

Follow this guide to download and install the driver for the Arrow USB Programmer.

Connect VHDPlus IDE with Quartus

For direct compiling and programming of VHDPlus IDE a connection via Quartus is necessary. If Quartus is installed in default directory no further steps are needed. Otherwise an adjustment of the Quartus' path can be realized by opening the VHDPlus IDE and navigating through Extras -> Settings -> General

Select Quartus Path

When Quartus is detected successfully the boundary turns green.

Setup Simulation with GHDL (Optional)

  1. Open the Package Manager Extras -> Package Manager
  2. Install GHDL and wait for it to finish.

Learn more about simulation with GHDL here

Setup Simulation with ModelSim (Optional)

  1. Download and install ModelSim for Windows
  2. Specify the path for the modelsim_ase folder in Extras -> Settings -> Simulator
  3. Run the simulation in the GHDP viewer or with a right click on a VHDL file

Learn more about simulation with ModelSim here

Next Steps

Beginner Guide

If you made it to this point, you should be ready to write your first program 🎉.
You can find a detailed beginner guide here.

Simulate your program

  • If you want to use GHDL click here.
  • For ModelSim look here.

Learn how to use libraries

We offer useful libraries inside our IDE. Learn more here.

You can use your own libraries written in VHDL or Verilog conveniently in your projects.
You can learn how to do that here.

Need Help?

Starting to program FPGAs can be quite tricky. Here are a few options that can help you get started.

  • Join our Discord! We are happy to help with any problems and to answer questions.
  • Ask questions on Stack Overflow
  • Check out our YouTube Channel. We upload useful tutorials frequently.
  • Check out Community Projects. See what is possible with VHDPlus and learn how to create those Projects yourself.