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CRUVI Development Boards

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Check out our shop to buy hardware that is integrated in the VHDPlus IDE.

New IDE for Professional Electronics Development

If you want to work on FPGA projects in a team or work on Edge-AI, you can check out ONE WARE Studio!

More Industrial CRUVI Extensions

If you want to create an advanced robot or industrial controller, you can check out PLC ONE!

All hardware on this site is directly integrated in the IDE. This means you can visually connect the boards in the VHDPlus IDE and get automatically created example projects. Supported hardware can be bought directly in our shop. But also check out other CRUVI hardware from Trenz Electronic.

Core MAX10

The Core MAX10 is the entry into FPGA programming. With it's many I/Os, internal ADC, large RAM, Flash and an onboard USB programmer, you can even realize complex projects with many components and an internal Arduino-compatible processor that work together.


The MAX1000 FPGA Development Board is the most inexpensive way to start with FPGAs and the VHDPlus IDE. The capabilities of this development board are way beyond the usual microcontroller board you could get for this price.


The CYC1000 FPGA Development Board is for everybody who needs more logic elements than you get with the MAX1000. You have an external SDRAM, flash, accelerometer and programmer like with the MAX1000, but instead of the MAX10 with 8,000 (or 16,000 logic elements with the MAX1000 16k), you have a Cyclone 10 FPGA with 25,000 logic elements.

Shield MAX10

The shield for the Core MAX10 features a power supply, so you can power the board with a battery or power adapter, and more CRUVI connectors, so you can connect camera, motors and ultrasonic sensors at once while you're powering the FPGA with the same supply as the motors.

Camera Extension

The Camera and Display extension allows to program object detection, make your own safety camera and much more. It supports state of the art CSI cameras like the Raspberry Pi Camera and standard HDMI, so you don't have to mess with outdated standards and get the best image quality.

IAS Camera Extension

The IAS Camera and Display extension allows to connect OnSemi cameras with IAS connector to an FPGA development board with CRUVI HS connector.

Motor Extension

The Motor and Encoder extension is the first step for your own robot. It supports most of the motors you can buy and allows to connect an encoder, so you can profit from the FPGA and keep track of the current speed and driven distance.

Level Shifter Extension

The Level Shifter extension allows you to connect hardware with 5V IO voltage like ultrasonic sensors or an LED matrix. It can be used in many projects and hardware for Arduinos can be connected.

Audio Extension

The Audio extension features an Audio Codec IC that allows to receive and output analog audio data. This allows you to e.g. make your own audio mixer, synthesizer or program a voice recognition. Like for image processing, you also profit from FPGAs with audio processing.

WiFi Extension

The WiFi Extensions make it easy to use your FPGA as an IoT controller. You have to take a cheap ESP-01 and plug it in the connector.


The MAXCO2 is a compact evaluation kit for precise CO2 measurement of the ambient air in rooms and displays pre-defined CO2 levels directly via 8 LEDs. With the VHDPlus IDE you have an easy way to visualize the CO2, temperature and humidity values in a room.