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1. File Shortcuts#

  1. New Project
  2. Open Project
  3. Save current file
  4. Save all open files

2. Compile and Program#

  1. Project to compile
  2. Converts VHDP files to VHDL files and opens the compile window:
  3. Programs the FPGA

3. NIOS Tools#

  1. Creates a NIOS II Processor to your project
  2. Creates a software project
  3. Compiles and Downloads the software in one go
  4. Compiles, Downloads the software and opens the NIOS Debugging Mode.

4. Testing Tools#

  1. Creates a GHDP File for Simulation
  2. Opens the window for In-System Sources and Probes debugging (First add the ISSP library to your project and add a NewComponent in the file to debug)
  3. Opens Quartus with the current project