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1. File Shortcuts

  1. New Project
  2. Open Project
  3. Save current file
  4. Save all open files

2. Compile and Program

  1. Project to compile
  2. Converts VHDP files to VHDL files and opens the compile window:
  3. Programs the FPGA

3. NIOS Tools

  1. Creates a NIOS II Processor to your project
  2. Creates a software project
  3. Compiles and Downloads the software in one go
  4. Compiles, Downloads the software and opens the NIOS Debugging Mode.

4. Testing Tools

  1. Creates a GHDP File for Simulation
  2. Opens the window for In-System Sources and Probes debugging (First add the ISSP library to your project and add a NewComponent in the file to debug)
  3. Opens Quartus with the current project