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The FPGA Programming Revolution

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Unlimited Threads

Use Maximum Performance for Every Task

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Built-in libraries

Add Components and Focus on Creating Your Code.

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Easy to Use

Benefit from Simple Syntax, a Clean IDE and a Variety of Tutorials

About VHDPlus

FPGAs complete operations at astonishing rates and are not limited by thread count, because you program the hardware. That leads to incomparable performance especially in multi threaded tasks, like for robots, AI, audio and video processing or Crypto mining.

This is why FPGAs are already widely used in the professional environment, but due to the high price and difficult programming, for private users FPGAs have not been established yet. This is why we started this project.

Our Cutting-Edge Cross Platform IDE

VHDPlus IDE creates a simple FPGA programming platform. Features like code suggestions and corrections, automated signal creation, simulation assistant, internal vendor-independent libraries and a seamless integration of Quartus, deliver an incomparable FPGA programming experience.

Available for Windows and Linux

Download VHDPlus IDE for free!

VHDP Programming Language

By automatically creating statemachines, including synthesizable loops, delays and functions and due to a much simpler syntax, you can experience up to 95% code reduction at 100% of the performance!

VHDP is not a completely different language but it extends the features of VHDL, so everything you could do with VHDL is also possible with VHDP and of course you can still use your old VHDL files.

Download our IDE now and convince yourself!

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Our Hardware

Professional grade hardware designed for inexperienced users and professionals. One board for all your projects, faster than processors and the perfect companion for the VHDPlus IDE.

Quality Made in Germany

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Easy to learn

Interested but don't know how to start? Check out our documentation and example projects! Learn how to program your own robot and make it yours. Do projects you couldn't have thought of while working with microcontrollers!

Video Tutorials

You don't like to read? Then try our video tutorials in that you learn all important features of the IDE. From simple blink tutorials to implementing processors and programming them with Arduino - there is something for everybody.

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