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The FPGA Programming Revolution

Everything in One

Everything in One

Program, Simulate and Debug
FPGAs or Processors on Your FPGA

High Compatibility

High Compatibility

Use the IDE to Program Our Language VHDP,
VHDL, Verilog or other Languages

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Benefit from Simple Syntax, Clean IDE
and a Variety of Tutorials

Code Assistant

Code Assistant

VHDPlus IDE makes writing code as easy as possible. Multiple Features like code suggestions, autocorrection and error listing work together to help you program your FPGA.

Code Assistant

VHDPlus IDE makes writing code as easy as possible. Multiple Features like code suggestions, autocorrection and error listing work together to help you program your FPGA.

Simulation Assistant

If you ever tried programming FPGAs you probably noticed that the HDL Synthesis takes very long once your project extends. Instead of using trial & error you can simulate your Program to fix mistakes.

Seamless Quartus Integration

Connect pins, compile and program directly from our IDE. All important features of Quartus are built-in and ready to use in VHDPlus IDE. Now available on Linux and Windows.

Software Support

For some applications using an FPGA can have disadvantages. In this case you can use the NIOS II Softcore processor and program it like an Arduino. VHDPlus IDE offers first class C++ support including a debugger.

What is an FPGA?

FPGAs complete operations at astonishing rates. They are not limited by thread count, because you program the hardware. This leads to incomparable performance, especially in multi-threaded tasks, such as for robots, AI, audio and video processing or Crypto mining.

This is why FPGAs are already widely used in the professional environment. But due to the high price and difficulty of programming for private users, FPGAs have not yet been established. This is why we started this project.
I/O Blocks
Logik Blocks
About VHDPlus

What is VHDPlus?

VHDPlus is the name for a combination of different solutions we came up with to make FPGA Programming a lot easier.

VHDPlus IDE is a modern approach to make FPGA Programming faster and more beginner friendly.
VHDP Language 📑
VHDP is a superset of VHDL, which makes Programming easier by extending its features and simplifying syntax.
Plug&Play Hardware ⚡
The VHDPlus IDE supports the open CRUVI Standard. Modular CRUVI hardware and the visual integration in the IDE create a true Plug&Play experiance.
VHDPlus Learning Platform 📚
We offer a lot of Examples and Guides for free on our Website, which we are expanding continuously.

VHDP Programming Language

By automatically creating state machines, including synthesizable loops, delays, and functions, and due to a much simpler syntax, you can experience up to 95% code reduction at 100% of the performance!

VHDP is not a completely different language, but it extends the features of VHDL. So everything you could do with VHDL is also possible with VHDP. Nevertheless, you can program with the IDE in almost every HDL language and add code from different languages. Feel free to convice yourself!
  • 100% Compatibility to classic HDLs ✔
  • Automatic State machines ✔
  • Simple Syntax ✔
  • Full FPGA Performance ✔


led : OUT STD_LOGIC := '0'; --Output signal
Process() --Infinite loop
Thread --Automatic state machine
led <= '0'; --turn LED on
Wait(250ms); --Wait for 250ms
led <= '1'; --turn LED off
Wait(250ms); --Wait for 250ms
Core Max10

CRUVI Hardware

With our partner Trenz Electronic, we can offer professional grade hardware designed for inexperienced users and professionals. One board for all your projects, faster than processors and the perfect companion for the VHDPlus IDE.

  • VHDPlus IDE Integration ✔
  • On-Board Programmer ✔
  • Plug&Play experience ✔


Interested but don't know how to start? Check out our documentation and example projects! Learn how to program your robot and make it yours. Do projects you may not have thought of while working with microcontrollers!

You don't like to read? Then try our video tutorials in which you can learn all important features of our IDE. From simple blink tutorials to implementing processors and programming them with Arduino - there is something for everybody.

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