First Hardware

First Hardware

The first hardware arrived! This includes the VHDPlus Motor Extension, VHDPlus Camera Extension, VHDPlus Core MAX10 and the VHDPlus Level Shifter Extension.

We now test the hardware and package them to ensure the best experience you can get with FPGA development boards.

You can buy the hardware soon in our shop.

Major Update 0.9.7

0.9.7 is by far the biggest update we have ever made. It contains huge improvements, bugfixes and a bunch of new features. We have made great strides in making FPGA programming more user-friendly for beginners and advanced users.

Current Status and Future Plans

It has been a few months since our last blog post so I decided to inform you about our current status and plans. Currently we are doing this project unpaid in our free time so please forgive us if some updates take a bit longer than expected. This project is alive and we are getting closer to our first stable release, but we still have some things to do. Our goal is to deliver a clean and stable IDE on all platforms for our first official release 🐞.

Serial Monitor

Arriving with update the VHDPlus IDE features a built-in Serial Monitor that allows to communicate with your hardware.

Serial Monitor

IDE Light Theme

Not everyone likes the dark theme that is selected as the default theme for VHDPlus IDE. Update gives you the ability to chose a alternative theme with brighter colors.

Compiler 2.0

Since the built-in updater was broken in the last version for some systems we strongly recommend downloading this update using your browser.

With update 0.9.1 we are confident that the new compiler is stable enough to be used as default. We also fixed some issues and improved the overall editor performance. The built-in updater is much faster now (twice as fast) and should work for all systems without problems.

Simulator Update

This update makes it much easier to simulate your projects. Compiling with quartus can take a long time, so it is very useful to simulate programs in order to capture errors and check if everything works as expected.

IDE cross-platform

We are currently working on a cross platform version of the VHDPlus IDE which was recently windows only. It will feature a visual studio like docking system, real time error checking, programming suggestions, simulation assist and much more useful features.

VHDP Website

Welcome! This area will be used for release notes, updates and other important stuff in the future!