Library Explorer

โš  We might change the way libraries work until release 1.0!

Add to project

  1. Rightclick file or folder
  2. Select Add to project. The file or folder will get copied to your project
  3. (Optional) Open the imported file(s) in Libraries folder for instructions

Custom libraries

You can import custom libraries to be used from the library explorer. That way you can easily use your written libraries They are stored in Documents/VHDPlus/Libraries on Windows or home/VHDPlus/Libraries on Linux.

Create custom library

Libraries in VHDPlus are loaded just like normal projects.

  1. Create a new project
  2. Create/Import all files you want to include.
  3. If the library is ready you can add it to the explorer like explained below.

Add custom library

  1. Navigate to Documents/VHDPlus/Libraries on Windows or home/VHDPlus/Libraries on Linux
  2. Create a new folder for your library.
  3. Paste the files relevant for the library in the folder. This should not include irrelevant files/folders! Normal structure would be at least one *.vhdpproj with at least one *.vhdp
  4. Reload the libraries by rightclicking somewhere in the library explorer and hitting refresh or restart

Other functions

  1. Preview (opens the file as read-only to check the content)
  2. Open in file explorer (view the selected folder/file in the file explorer)
  3. Refresh (reloads the custom libraries)
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