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Shield MAX10

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The shield for the Core MAX10 features a power supply, so you can power the board with a battery or power adapter, and more CRUVI connectors, so you can connect camera, motors and ultrasonic sensors at once while you're powering the FPGA with the same supply as the motors.

Shield Overview

Shield M Overview

You have the choice between 3 CRUVI LS connectors and 3 PMOD connectors. Together with the PMOD connectors, you get the 8 I/Os that are also ADC inputs and 5V power. With the CRUVI connectors, you can connect the most Extensions (Motor, Audio, Level Shifter ...) and with the PMOD connectors, you have a variety of extensions from Digilent or you can just use the 0.1" pins with the hardware you have at hand.

Power supply

The Shield features a 8.5 - 28V to 5V Step-Down Converter and a 5V to 3.3V Step-Down Converter, that can power the Core MAX10 and all extensions. The 5V Converter can deliver 5A continuous to even power servo motors or a small LED stripe. The 3.3V Converter is separated from the Core and only powers the extensions with a maximum of 2A. This should be enough to power the maximum of 3 CRUVI extensions and 6 PMOD extensions at the same time.