Fast development boards

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Overview Extensions

The VHDP Boards feature a plug and play experience together with the VHDP Shield and often have more features than the usual development boards. To make including the boards in your project as easy as possible, they all have documentation, libraries and examples that are included natively in the VHDP IDE.


ADC Extension8 Analog inputs
Bluetooth ExtensionBluetooth UART transfer
Control ExtensionButtons, LEDs und Joystick
DC Motor ExtensionMotor driver and connection for encoder
IO ExtensionExtension for more in- and outputs
LED ExtensionExtension to control 8 additional LEDs
LCD Extension16x2 character LCD display
Level Shifter ExtensionTo connect 5V components to the 3.3V FPGA
Microcontroller ExtensionUse an arduino microcontroller together with the VHDP extensions
Power Switch ExtensionTo toggle components that draw more current
RTC ExtensionReal time clock for current time, date and temperature
Servo ExtensionTo control 3 servo motors
Shift Register ExtensionFor expandable outputs
Stepper Motor ExtensionTo drive stepper motors
USB ExtensionTo transfer data via USB
WiFi ExtensionArduino compatible microcontroller with WiFi module
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