Here you can find example projects, help and inspiration for your own projects.

Example Projects with Tutorial

1. Smart route following robot
2. LED Matrix
3. Spectrum Analyzer

If you want to know what is possible you can check out what other people have done so far with VHDPlus. You can find much more examples here.

You made your own project/libraries or found an error in our libraries?

Our libraries are open source and we would appreciate if you add your examples or libraries. By adding all our libraries we wrote for different sensors, hardware, ... everybody gets faster in programming. Currently for FPGAs it is verry difficult to find your needed libraries and often you have to buy them. We want to change that.
To add your library, make a github account, fork the repository, add your changes and make a pull request, so we can add your changes.

Need help with VHDPlus?

If you still have problems understanding something you can try to search on Stackoverflow for similar problems or create a new one. You can ask questions on Slack

Found an issue in our IDE?

Write a mail to
Send us the Documents\VHDPlus\CrashReports file if the IDE crashed,
copy the VHDP and VHDL file if there was a problem with the compiler and
describe exactly as possible what you did before the problem, so we can fix it as fast as possible.

Help us improve this website

Our website is completely open source. If you want to support this project you can help us improve our documentation and add tutorials here.
We greatly appreciate your help ❤

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